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What are the Easy Care Velvet care instructions?

Look after the surface of your velvet upholstery with an occasional vacuum clean. Follow the smooth direction of the pile and use the soft brush attachment to lift out any tiny dirt particles.

Easy care velvet is a durable fabric, but it is important to react quickly when dealing with a spillage, large amounts of water will harm your velvet and destroy its surface.

Absorb any wet stains swiftly with a clean dry cloth, pressing down not rubbing, which can crush the surface. Dry well and brush in the same direction as the pile.

Solids can be lightly scraped away once fully dry, but it is important to always do this in the same direction as the pile.

Over time the pile is also subject to a degree of flattening caused by normal usage, this is a characteristic of all velvet finishes, not a fault.

Any fabric with a short pile has the tendency to pressure mark, this is only natural, and does not detreat from the durability of the fabric.

Our Easy care velvet is highly durable and has been tested to commercial standards for abrasion.

Please note that dark fabrics will fade faster than light.

All our upholstery fabrics should be handled with care.

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