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What is the general care advice of your upholstery furniture?

Our Custom Made Upholstery is hand finished throughout the product process, and is not an engineered product.

Any creases or displaced filling caused by shipping can be easily smoothed and redistributed.

Never drag your furniture, carefully lift by the base to protect the frame.

To care for your piece, avoid sitting on edges and arms.

When choosing where to place your furniture we recommend all heat sources, radiators, air conditioning etc, are at least one meter away.

Regular care and maintenance of your upholstery furniture is essential to ensure the best comfort and appearance of the item.

If the cushions are reversible they should be turned and flipped regularly, like you would a mattress, to keep it in the best condition as possible and prolong the life of both filling and covers to help encourage more even wear and minimising any potential fading from sunlight.

We recommend on a weekly basis cushions are removed, plumped, rotated (where possible) and replaced.

To plump a cushion, remove them from the sofa, punch them from all sides then drop them onto a clean floor.

This pushes air back into the cushion, maintaining its shape and comfort.

This is particularly relevant to the back-fibre cushions and should be done on a weekly basis.

Upholstery with a fibre wrap over foam have a unique soft look and feel.

As with fabric on any soft interior it will mean that the fabric will stretch more and some creasing or “puddling” may occur where it is directly sat on.

When you first sit down, you may find that the seat and back cushions look and feel firmer than you were expecting. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and they will soften/ settle down after a little while.

Try not to sit on the arms of your furniture or edge of the cushions, as they will wear prematurely.

Dry clean only.

Do not spot clean.

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