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Seams/ dressing

Regularly re-dress your covers to realign seams and attempt to remove any wrinkling and puddling.

The most effective method to do this is to lift the whole seat cushion out, place on its side and then pull/ stroke the fabric casing from both sides to try and move the entire case around the interior and back into position.

Also, if you regularly rotate the cushion so that it moves in the seam moves in the opposite direction when sat on.

We recommend the regular maintenance and plumping of your sofa on a weekly basis to keep the look and sit of the cushions

Try not to sit on the edge of the cushions as this can encourage dipping / sloping at the front of the seat cushion and premature wearing.

The Scandi Collection has a lovely seam detail on the seat cushion and along the outside arm.

This isn’t fixed into place so may slip during use (especially on the seat cushion which may move downwards where it’s pulled towards from people sitting on the cushion) therefore it is important to regularly re-dress and manipulate the cushion fabric to maintain the straight line of the seam.

Seams slipping, wrinkling and puddling are all maintenance and dress issues, those are not manufacturing faults.


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